Debeglass supporting a large number of vertical antennas
Debeglass Guy Wires supporting an array of vertical radiators.


DEBEGLASS WIRE is a unique wire which processes numerous significant characteristics that make it a clear first choice for use as guy wire, catenary wire or support wire on Antenna Towers, Poles and Masts:

Both Stronger and Lighter (33% lighter) than steel wire.
Electrically Non-conductive

Radio Frequency Transparent and therefore will not interfere with an antenna’s radiation pattern.
Corrosion free
and water resistant.

Ideal for areas exposed to salt water spray or storms, such as the harsh marine environment.

Resistant to UV
Immune to severe icing
since ice cannot easily attach to the smooth outer jacket. Normal wind vibrations will cause any ice that might form to fall off.
Rated down to -32 degrees Celsius.
Nearly No Elongation over time, unlike steel wire.
Much Easier to Handle
and terminate than steel wire.

Maintenance Free.

Its makers claim it is stronger than steel for the same cross-sectional area, light weight (33% lighter), corrosion-free and electrically non-conducting. Furthermore, unlike steel guy wire, it shows virtually no elongation with the passing of time.

Debeglass non conductive guy wire photograph

Debeglass Guy Wire showing it's UV stabilized PVC Sheath, Continuous Filament Fibreglass Yarn Core and Fibreglass Yarn Binder

Called "DEBEGLASS WIRE", this product is in use in many applications throughout Australia and the world. It's corrosion-free, non-conductive, non-magnetic characteristics make it eminently suited to use in supporting and guying applications within the marine environment as well as throughout continental Australia. Supporting high frequency radio antennas and guying their towers, where electrically conductive guys would adversely effect the antenna's radiation pattern, is a common application for Debeglass Wire. It's surface characteristics also have the effect of reducing the adhesion of marine organisms, making it suitable for use in the marine environment.

Manufactured in Japan, Debeglass Wire uses relatively new technology to bind high tensile fibreglass yarn into a compact circular cross-section. The bound yarn is then sheathed in a special UV stabilised PVC.

Three sizes are normally keep in stock by Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd, DB-4 4mm, DB-5 5mm and DB-6 6mm outside diameters, all in 500 metre rolls. Tensile strengths of these various sizes are shown in the table below. Stocks of the larger DB-8 8mm, DB-10 10mm and DB-12 12mm Debeglass Wire is available ex-Japan, with deliveries of generally six to eight weeks. Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd also normally keep stocks of "DEBEGRIP" Terminator Kits for the various Debeglass Wire sizes. Contact PMA for pricing on the above.

Typical Applications for Debeglass Wire include its use as mast supports, antenna supports, leaky cable support, antenna array supports, cellular antenna supports, leaky coax catenary wire, guys, Debeglass guy wire, non-conducting wire, Radiax catenary wire, fibreglass wire, non-conductive support wire, marine wire, non conducting guy, lightning protection supports, antenna supports, electrically transparent wire, tower supports, catenary wire and mine communications.  It can also be used to replace Parafil, Philistrand, Filistrand wire in most applications

The yield tensile strength of the thinnest 4mm diameter DEBEGLASS wire is 430 Kg. This is stronger than steel wire (370 Kg) having the same diameter. Moreover the weight is some 33% less than the steel.
Debeglass Guy Wire Sizes, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 & 12 mm diameter
Debeglass has established itself as an important non-conductive antenna stay and catenary support product. It is especially suited to these uses by virtue of its unique combination of properties - low elongation, high strength to cross sectional area, high strength to weight ratio, excellent resistance to UV degradation and environmental attack, high fatigue life and excellent electrical properties. It is virtually maintenance free and much easier to handle and terminate than other similar products.

It's properties give Debeglass Wire many advantages over other stay materials. For example it obviates the need for awkward and expensive combinations of metallic wire and insulators.

Although Debeglass' smooth PVC sheath is primarily for the physical protection of the high strength continuous filament fibreglass core, it contributes substantially to the electrical properties by (a) providing a completely water tight skin preventing moisture penetrating the core, and (b) presenting a surface which is easily washed with clean water so that pollution is controlled under normal conditions by the washing action of rain. Under conditions of heavy pollution where surface contamination is regarded as severe, the smooth PVC surface can be cleaned by direct washing with clean water

Since the ability of a Guy Wire to resist deterioration on long and continuous exposure is of the upmost importance, Debeglass wire has been developed from two materials which both have a high level of mechanical toughness and are virtually inert chemically. Its load bearing fibres are protected from wind blown sand and grit by the PVC sheath, and both components have outstanding resistance to the corrosive actions of most acids and solvents.

Debeglass is immune to severe icing since ice cannot "key-on" to the smooth outer sheath, and provided the stays are correctly tensioned, any ice that does form is quickly removed by normal wind vibrations.

Debeglass Wire is sold in 500 metre rolls for DB-4, DB-5 and DB-6 or 200 metre rolls for DB-8, DB-10 and DB-12. Contact Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd for pricing. Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd can also supply complete Debeglass guy kits in varying lengths to order. Kits include Debeglass Wire and stainless steel Debegrip terminations as shown below. Contact Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd for more details.


Debeglass Part # DB-4 DB-5 DB-6 DB-8 DB-10 DB-12
Outside diameter 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm
Core diameter (mm) 2.5 3.0 4.0 6.0 8.0 10.0
Weight of 200
meter (Kg)
3.9 6.3 8.8 15 22 32
Tensile strength
- yield (kg)
430 620 970 1710 2470 3420


Alternate Guy Material 2.5 mm Steel Wire 4 mm Poly Rope 3.15 mm Steel Wire 5 mm Poly Rope 4 mm Steel Wire 6 mm Poly Rope
Outside diameter 2.5 4 3.15 5 4 6
Core diameter (mm) 2.5 4 3.15 5 4 6
Weight of 200
meter (Kg)
5.6 1.66 9.3 2.6 14.5 5.03
Tensile strength
- yield (kg)
370 180 530 270 850 510


Debeglass StructureGuying MastsGuying Arrays
Some Debeglass Wire Applications


Debegrip Terminator - Debegrip-6
A Debegrip-6, 6 mm Debeglass Guy Wire Terminator Kit

Termination of Debeglass in the field is an extremely simple operation without the need for glue, sealant, or special tools, just spanner or socket. There is a Debegrip Terminator Kit for each Debeglass guy wire size. A single Debegrip Terminator consists of 3 x Stainless Steel 'D' Clamps (wire rope grips) and a Stainless Thimble to suit the particular diameter Debeglass guy wire. Further details on termination options are shown HERE.

Details on calculating Debeglass required guywire tensile strength shown HERE
Details on Debeglass termination options are shown HERE.

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