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The need for the ST Portable Mast Series is sometimes questioned. It is justified as a smaller 4-section version of the PT Series. It is considerably sturdier than the QT Classic Series and has keyed tube sections, thus making it possible to rotate the headload by simply turning the Clark Masts ST portable mast. A special DAF version, equipped as a field portable mast with mounting tripod, is also available, details shown HERE.

The ST Series of telescopic portable masts, though smaller in section diameter and headload capacity than their heavier brothers (but larger than the more commonly used QT Classic portable masts), have the same sturdy features of construction as their larger brethren. The aluminium alloy base tube diameter of all ST masts is 76 mm (3"). They have a maximum of 4 tubular sections which carry a full length keyway to prevent relative section rotation at both intermediate and full extension positions. These masts are usually extended by a Clark Masts low voltage Power-Pack (Air Source/Mast Controller) such as the Model 30, however a hand pump or vehicle air can be used. The Clark Masts ST portable mast series small internal volume makes extension rapid, from 15 to 45 seconds, depending on portable mast extended height. They are ideal for vehicle mounted applications where the antenna or other headload to be lifted is not heavy or bulky, is fixed in one position or rotated through rotation of the entire portable mast. Now composed of the same basic components as the Clark Masts PT Series of portable masts, the new 4-section ST portablemast Series is the solution.

The top of each Clark Masts ST series portable mast section is fitted with a light alloy rotating collar which carries adjustable nylon bearing pads that form the upper bearing surface to allow guyed mast rotation. Good rigidity when fully extended is achieved by use of an expanding collet ring fitted within the tube overlap. As with all Clark Masts air-operated portable masts, a moulded rubber seal fitted to each piston ensures a high standard of sealing under all environmental conditions. The base of each ST series portable mast is fitted with a pressure relief/drain valve and an air inlet connector. Clamp (locking) Collars for semi-permanent erection, even after the air supply has been removed, can be factory fitted as an optional extra.

A full range of Vehicle, Shelter and Field mounting accessories is available for the Clark Masts ST series of portable masts, e-mail Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd for full details and pricing.

4 Section Clark Masts ST Series Portable Masts Brief Clark Masts ST Series 
Portable Mast Specifications

Mast Sections: Heat Treated aluminium alloy.
Die cast aluminium alloy LM6.
Fittings - zinc plated and passivated.
Paint - standard colour white.
Other colours to special order, including NATO Green.
Mast sections anodised natural finish.

Operating Temperatures:
+55 degrees C to -40 degrees C dry.
Max working Pressure:
1.8 bar (25 lbs/

ST and STX telescopic Clark Masts ST Series Portable Mast specifications
Clark Masts ST Series Portable Mast  accessories
Clark Masts ST Portable Mast Series mounting accessories
An EMC Van with internally mounted Clark Masts ST Series Portable Mast
An EMC van with internally mounted Clark Masts air-operated ST series 
portable mast.

Mast Collar and Base 

Clark Masts Plain (non-locking) Collar mast option

Clark Masts Clamp (Locking) Collar mast option

Plain (Non-Locking) 

Clamp (Locking) 

Clark Masts Fixed (Non-rotatable) Base mast option

ClarkMasts Rotatable Base mast option

Fixed (Non-Rotatable) 

Adjustable (Rotatable) 

Clark Masts  Portable Mast Model 30 CompressorClark Model 30E or 30A Compressor/Mast Controller Units
can be used to provide erection/retraction control of most small Clark Masts.

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