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For over 40 years Clark Masts Type 73 field mounted portable masts have been the communications backbone of many defence forces throughout the world. Now Clark Masts Teksam introduces the new TekMast, a lightweight mechanically extended sectional field mast which still maintains heavy lift capabilities. The Tekmast Series' concept is well proven through it's earlier brother, the Type 73, however the lighter construction broadens the TekMast's applications.

Clark Mast Teksam's TekMast is a field mounted portable mast system which operators rapidly understand and can easily erect with confidence, even in adverse weather conditions. TekMast portable masts are supplied as field deployable kits with extended heights of 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 21 metres and vertical headload capabilities from 5 to 50 Kg.

PDF Brochure on Tekmast Series Portable Masts.

Tekmast under deployment

Clark Masts Teksam's TekMast is built around specially designed and machined aluminium alloy tube sections, 60 mm diameter by 1,000 mm effective length. These mast sections plug into each other with a generous overlap. The entire mast and headload is rotationally locked by tightening a wing nut on the field base plate.

The TekMast erection gear consists of a mast guide unit on three folding legs which are fitted with large feet for use with soft ground. Tube sections are introduced into the mast guide unit from underneath and lifted using a leg mounted hand cranked winch with a an automatic braking system. Guy collars and the headload/antenna are attached to the mast at ground level before erection, which results in simultaneous lifting of headload/antenna as well as tubular mast sections in one easy operation.

A unique manually operated guy control system allows a safe erection/retraction of the mast in a very easy maner by a single operator, even in windy conditions.

The entire TekMast kit is carried in a set of three canvas bags. The heaviest individual bag has a weight of 30 Kg. All materials and finishes are to military standards of quality. Only materials proven to be totally reliable in a military environment are used.

Many features of the TekMast series are the subject of patent applications.

A range of headload attachment adaptors is available for the TekMast series.

If the standard models shown above do not entirely meet your application requirements, Clark Masts Teksam  may be able to manufacture a specific version to suit.

PDF Brochure on Tekmast Series Portable Masts.

TekMast Deployment photo


Clark Masts Teksam's TekMast is suitable for use 
with antennas from wire to highly directional 
VHF/UHF arrays

Standard TekMast Characteristics -
1. Portable sectional tubular mast system
2. Mechanically extended light alloy sections 60 mm diameter
3. Various antenna/mast interface adaptors
4. Number of operators: 2
5. Average erection time: less than 30 minutes
6. Operating temperature: -40 to +55 degrees C
7. Operating wind speed: 130 km/h
8. Mast rotatable on clampable ball base on the ground
9. Antenna and feeder cable fitted at ground level and raised by 
adding mast sections
10. Mast set vertical before erection
11. Extension by manual mechanical winch on base leg
12. Mast section torsional play eliminated by high tolerance 
tooth/notch joint
13. Extensive supporting documentation


TekMast model VMS-12 Field Mast Kit
TekMast model VMS-12 Field Mast Kit

PDF Brochure on Tekmast Series Portable Masts.

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