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Clark Masts Teklite High Output Gas discharge High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide 230 VAC Lamps, up to 176,000 Lumens of light from the standard 4 Lamp HPS/ MH Head or 330,000 Lumens from an optional 6 Lamp HPS Head.

Clark Masts Teklite MLU Series lighting units
The Clark Masts Teklite MLU Series Mobile Lighting Units gives you a choice 
of 2 air-operated telescopic masts of 6 or 8 metres extended height 
and Petrol or Diesel on-board power generation.
The Clark Masts Teklite MLU simple 
to understand Control Panel makes 
command of generator, mast extension
and floodlighting easy and effortless. 
An electric Tilt Unit on the Teklite MLU 
enables the lamps to be directed 
horizontally or at any angle downwards.

A mast rotation Crank Handle on the 
Teklite MLU allows the lamps to be 
turned through 360 degrees
Clark Masts Teklite Mobile Lighting Unit Control Panel


Clark Masts Teklite MLU Mast Specifications Clark Masts Teklite MLU HPS & MH Lamp Specifications
Clark Masts Teklite MLU Standard & Optional Lamp Heads


Clark Masts Teklite MLU's are supplied as standard with 
a 230 VAC 3.6 KVA Petrol Generating Set, Diesel 
power is also optionally available.
Clark Masts Teklite MLU Petrol Generator The MLU's power unit uses an
electric start 4-stroke petrol
engine driving a brushless
230 Vac 50 Hz 3.6 KVA
alternator. A Large 28 Litre
fuel tank provides 28 hours
between refills. Safety features
include a Low Oil Pressure
cut-out. The starting battery
is a 12 volt 45 Ah unit with
auto recharge. Noise level is
only 72/74 dBA/7m.


A Solid Chassis is an integrated part of all Clark Masts 
Teklite's MLU's (Mobile Lighting Units)
The trailer Chassis is constructed to
meet a wide range of requirements.
Good design makes every operation
easy and clean, from lowering the
jacks to final switch on. Features
include welded steel tube framework,
Two 155. RS. 12. wheels, torsion in
rubber suspension, towing eye for
50 mm diameter ball, brake with auto
reverse and 4 levelling stabilisers.
The standard paint colour is RAL 3000
Red, baked finish.
Clark Masts Teklite MLU heavy duty Chassis


Clark Masts Teklite MLU Operating Ratings
Wind Rating: 80 Km/Hr operating.
Temperature: Operating (dry) -20 to +40 degrees C.
Storage -40 to +500 degrees C.
Towing Speed: max (subject to being legal) 100 Km/Hr.
Clark Masts Teklite MLU Optional Equipment
  • Auxiliary 4 metre mast and stand with 2 x 500 Watt
    Lamps and 25 metres cable.
  • Special Lamp combinations.
  • Diesel Power Unit.
  • Spare Wheel.
  • Special Paint finishes.
  • 40 mm or 3 " Ø Towing Eye.


Clark Masts Teklite Mobile Lighting Units Deployed
This illustration demonstrates the ease with which a Clark Masts Teklite 
MLU (Mobile Lighting Unit) can be deployed in the field.

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