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Extended Heights to 30 Metres - Maximum Headloads to 100 Kg

Clark Masts Heavy Duty 804/30S Trailer Mast with portable mast Deployed

A trailer mounted portable mast, such as one in Clark Masts Heavy Duty 804 series, has all the advantages of a vehicle mounted mast plus more. It is independent of the vehicle used to tow it and when in use in one place for a period of time there is no loss of vehicle use. Also the life of a Clark Masts portable mast is usually longer than that of the vehicle in which it may have been built, so no costly refits are necessary.

Clark Masts Model 804 Heavy Duty Trailer portable masts, based on Clark Masts XT series Extra Heavy Duty portable masts, are a boon to all those who need to lift an antenna or other apparatus up to a height of 30 metres, where great un-guyed stability is required for a short duration of time, with a minimum of physical work and manpower. One person can set up and extend the Clark Masts 804 Trailer Mast practically anywhere. Clark Masts 804 Heavy Duty Trailer portable mast is hydraulically swung from the horizontal to vertical "ready-for-extension" position. The Clark Masts 804/30S weight of approximately 1070 Kg enables the trailer to be towed by most standard size cars and four wheel drives.

The Clark Masts Model 804 Trailer Mast is based on a Heavy Duty two-wheel trailer specially designed for its work. Many details were incorporated during development to make operation simple, easy and safe. The air pressure for mast extension is provided by a petrol engine driven compressor. Where preferred however, a 24/12 volts DC or 240 volts AC electric motor may be specified in place of the petrol engine.

The Clark Masts Heavy Duty 804 Trailer Mast series comes with four different mast heights available, the model 804/15, extended height of 15 metres, model 804/18, extended height of 18 metres, model 804/26, extended height of 26 metres and model 804/30S with an extended height of 30 metres.

Clark Masts Model 804 Trailer Mast Series Brief Specifications
Dimensions: Length - 5.75 m, Width - 1.93 m, Height - 2.14 m
Trailer Mast Weight: 804/15 - 860 Kg, 804/18 - 905 Kg, 804/26 - 1020Kg, 804/30S - 1070 Kg
Height of Extended Mast: 804/15 - 15 m, 804/18 - 18 m, 804/26 - 26 m, 804/30S - 30 m
Headload Capability: 804/15 - 100 Kg, 804/18 - 60 Kg, 804/26 - 50 Kg, 804/30S - 50 Kg
Tyres: Dia - 63.3 cm x 18.5 cm wide x 6 ply. Pressure - 48 psi. Jockey - 30 psi
Brakes: Dia 200 mm mechanical, automatic on overrun and hand parking.
Suspension: Rubber in torsion
Towing Hitch: 50 mm Ball Coupling
Lighting: According to regulations through 7 pole plug to suit socket - Hella 8JB.001.943.011
Standard Paint Colour: Nato Green - BS381-285, optional White or Desert Sand
Motor Compressor Unit: Engine - Briggs & Stratton, Series 80200, 82200. 3.5 HP 3600 RPM
Maximum Working Air Pressure (mast): 1.41 kg/cm sq (20 psi)
Mast Operating Temperature (Dry): -55 to +30 degrees C


Clark Masts 804 Trailer Mast 
Kit of Components
Clark Masts 804 Trailer Mast Kit of Components
Clark Masts 804 Trailer Mast Components List

Deploying a Clark Masts 804/30S 30 metre Trailer Mast
Deploying a Clark Masts 804/30S Trailer Mast portable mast

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