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Shown Above are Clark Masts Commercial,  
Industrial & Military Portable Mast Series

Clark Masts PT series portable mast on a VW van

Although the name Clark Masts covers
other types, it is air-operated telescopic
 portable masts for which the name is
best known, and for which the company
is a world innovator. Over 63 years of
steady development to meet the needs
of users, military and civilian, has made
these air-operated portable masts very reliable
pieces of equipment.

When you choose a Clark Mast for the
first time, you join a family of users
who are assured that even after many
years, their purchase will still enjoy
availability of service and spare parts,
as has been the case during the past
70 years. In the Australian/Asia-Pacific
Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd are continuing
this Clark Masts tradition for sales and
Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd can be contacted via e-mail
E-mail PMA

Shown at left is a model PT1  portable mast which
extends to 10.6 metres and is capable of a 15 Kg 

Clark Masts Portable Masts Logo Photo, Clark Masts Factory in Genk, Belgium

Photos show Clark's Two factories, one in the UK, the other in Belgium


For over 70 years Clark Masts have specialised in the design and manufacture of fast erecting portable telescopic masts. They offer a wide range of types (over 200 different models) as the following pages will show. Whether vehicle mounted, trailer mounted, shelter mounted or for erection in the field, there will be a Clark Mast portable mast tailored for your application. Some of these applications include their use as Aerial Photography Masts, Security Camera Masts, Photo Masts, Portable Antenna Masts, DGPS Masts, Survey Masts, Pump Up Masts, Portable Towers, Telescoping Mast, Pneumatic Masts, Emergency Masts, Antenna Masts, Lighting Masts, Meteorological Masts, Instrument Masts, Radio Masts, Emergency Services Masts, Aerial Masts, Vehicle Mounted Masts and Poles, Trailer Mounted Masts, Portable Poles, SES Masts, CFA Masts, CFS Masts, RFS Masts, Telescopic Masts, Fire and Rescue Masts, Air Operated Masts, Communications Masts, Cellular Masts, Radio Survey Masts, Police Masts, ILS Masts, Fire Brigade Masts and Poles, Microwave Masts, Outside Broadcast (OB) Masts, Surveillance Masts, Telescopic Masts, Military Masts and Alloy Masts.

All Clark Mast users, both civil and military, have common requirements. The equipment they use must have a long life and be reliable. It must work easily and safely in the worst conditions that nature can produce. Clark Masts portable telescopic masts meet these requirements firstly by paying great attention to the design of details, secondly by using only materials which are time-proven beyond all doubt and thirdly by carrying out all the manufacturing processes in their own factory, thus guaranteeing quality.

The operation of a Clark Mast portable mast is not an end in itself. It's role is to support an antenna, lights, camera or other headload which requires height and stability to perform. Users range from individuals engaged in research, photography, to broadcast organizations and defence forces throughout the world. All users enjoy the same service which begins with the correct selection of mast type. With it's very wide range of models (over 200 different models) Clark Masts is technically impartial in its recommendations. A policy of constant detail improvement without loosing interchangeability, guarantees users not only the best performance but also spare parts availability in the long term. As Australian Asia-Pacific factory distributor, Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd continue this policy within the Australian and Asia-Pacific market, by supplying new mast stocks, spare parts and full service to commercial, industrial, emergency service and military users.

Clark Masts Portable Masts Drawing Office Clark Masts Portable Masts Machining Section

Quality from start to finish

Clark Masts perform practically ever manufacturing operation itself in-house. Fabrication, casting, precision machining, canvas sewing, plastic and rubber mouldings, anodising and plating, painting and even the packing cases. Every craftsperson is an inspector under a quality manager. Final engineering design testing is done at full size on an outdoor test rig. There are no unproved calculations in a Clark Mast.

Does all this make Clark Masts expensive? Not at all. Prices are surprisingly low (especially for the more commonly used QT Classic Portable Mast Series) for such high quality equipment, a benefit stemming from high volume and efficient production processes. So whether you are in the Technical or Purchasing department of your organization it will pay you to consider Clark Masts next time you have a portable mast requirement, large or small, standard or special.

Clark Masts Portable Masts Welding Facilities Clark Masts Portable Masts Pre-dispatch Check

All commercial and industrial masts shown in the following pages have a standard Yellow RAL 1007, or White 9010 paint finish. Special colours are also available, for example military products are both painted and/or anodised a drab olive or desert sand colours. Commercial and industrial masts can also be finished the same way when required for military applications. Only a limited idea is given here of what is available from Clark's product range of over 200 different mast types. 

For further information on what is available or advice on what mast may best suit your particular application feel free to contact Portable Masts Australia Pty Ltd at E-mail PMA, Phone +61 402130692 or Mob 0402130692.

A Formula 1 Control Vehicle using Clark Masts Portable Masts
A formula 1 Control Vehicle equipped with twin 
Clark Masts portable masts

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