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Clark Masts TekliteTF400 portable emergency lighting Series

Clark Masts Teklite TF-400 air-operated telescopic mast equipped portable emergency flood lighting brings daylight efficiency to emergency vehicle night time operations. Developed over 35 years of in-service operations, Clark Masts TekliteTF-400 brings light, height and directional control in one economic and quality engineered package. All wiring runs up the centre of the Clark Masts Teklite portable mast. Top and bottom electrical connector boxes are IP-54-7 rated. Telescoping mast sections are very heavy duty, manufactured from anodised aluminium and keyed against individual rotation. For ground level light alignment, a mast rotation handle and brake allow the entire mast to be rotated on a swivel base which maintains the air and electrical connections in a fixed position. Up to 6000 watts of emergency portable lighting can be fitted to the Clark Masts Teklite TF-400 mast system. See LAMPS page for details. A number of different portable mast heights are available in the Clark Masts Teklite TF-400 series, one to 3.15, 4.05, 4.7, 5.3 and 6 metres. A range of lamp units may be fitted to the Clark Masts Teklite TF-400 mast, including a remotely controlled tilting mount. The Clark Masts TF-400 Teklite mast may be extended using the vehicle braking system air or via a 12 or 24 volt DC Compressor. See Teklite ACCESSORIES for details.
Clark Masts Teklite TF400 Series portable lighting system details

Clark Masts Teklite TF400 Tilting Lamp Head

Clark Masts Teklite TF400 Tilt/Control Equipment Clark Masts Teklite TF400  Series Lamps

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