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Clark Masts Type 73-S Field Mountable Portable Mast Kit

The Clark Masts 73-S Field Mounted Portable Mast System uses the same tubular mast section and erection stand as the Type 73. However, because it is intended for lighter loads and a maximum mast height of 16 metres, some major units of the 73 system have been simplified. Guys are Kevlar in place of steel and are safely controlled by hand with a centrally mounted winching device. The mast lifting hoist is much lighter but still master of the work. The result is a lighter, faster, lower cost military portable mast system whose common inventory of components fits very well in the logistics of existing Type 73 portable mast kit users.

The Clark Masts TYPE 73-S portable military field mounted mast kit, as with the TYPE 73, is built around a specially drawn an machined aluminium alloy tube 101.6 mm (4") diameter by 1.22 metres effective length. These tubes plug into one another with a generous overlap and are rotationally locked by a pin and slot arrangement. This system works effectively even in muddy and dusty conditions. The erection gear consists of a guide box which is supported on 3 splayed legs fitted with large area detachable feet. Detachable steps are also fitted to the legs to allow the operator to fit the portable mast's headload. Mast sections are introduced into the guide box from underneath and are lifted by a simple lift and pulley block. When fully raised, each poratble mast section is secured by a cross pin, the pulley block lowered and the process repeated for the next section.

Clark Masts Type 73-S portable masts are guyed at each 8 metre level either by Kevlar guys controlled individually through a simple hand unit or steel guys using a leg mounted guy winch from the standard TYPE 73 portable mast system as an option.

A variety of headload attachments are available for the Clark Masts Type 73-S portable mast kit including a mechanically operated rotator head for allowing 2 antennas to be supported and individually directed.

All equipment for the Clark Masts Type 73-S portable field mast kit is carried in hand held bags. The heaviest packed bag, at 32 Kg, being that which houses the kit's set of legs . All materials and finishes are of the best military standards of quality. Only materials proved to be long-life and totally reliable in a military environment are used in the Type 73-S field mountable portable mast kit.

Mast Section
Heat-treated light alloy to BS14171, 6082TF. Special stepped tube drawn and machined. Anodised to DEF STAN 03-25. Sections can be dyed green, gold or desert sand.
Aluminium Alloys
Castings in LM6 alloy to BS 1490, gravity diecast.
Where surface hardness is required, medium carbon steel to EN8D, HF induction hardened. Elsewhere EN 1a.
Zinc plating and passivating to DEF STAN 03-20. Paint finishes to Military Green IR to approved specifications or other colours on demand.
Bag Materials
Nylon decontaminable cloth to UK/SC3501 with approved straps and buckles. Stiffening is by means of low density polyethylene removable plates inside the bag.
Guy Cable
Hand guy control device and 6 mm Kevlar. Optional 6/9 galvanised steel to BS 3530. Stainless or nylon covered to ISO 2232.


Clark Masts Type 73-S portable mast specifications
Clark Masts Type 73-S Portable Mast Deployment
Performance of a Clark Masts 
Type 73-S 13 Metre Field Mounted 
Portable Mast Kit, P/N 18300
Number of operators required 2
Time to erect including guy pickets 20 Minutes
Time to lower & store mast 20 Minutes
Maximum Vertical Headload 15 Kg
Maximum Horizontal Headload 70 Kg

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